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High-quality industrial coolers have been a specialty of SRC Refrigeration since our beginning in 1980. For industrial applications like cold storage warehouses and other large-scale temperature maintenance facilities, there’s no better choice than our company, the established leader in commercial refrigeration.

Industrial coolers aren’t something you order ready-made from a catalog and have delivered to you. Because the size and conditions of your facility are an important consideration in the design, what works for one of your competitors may not be good enough for you. And your standards could be higher than the competition’s.

We understand that your inventory is valuable, so we work with you to create a custom industrial refrigeration system that helps you achieve optimum shelf life and meet temperature logging requirements. Whatever your needs, we can help you get there. Our customer service specialists are trained to turn needs and ideas into products that serve your needs effectively and efficiently.

We’ve sold thousands of metal-walled industrial coolers — with or without insulated floors. Each is custom made, but that doesn’t mean they’re expensive. You’ll see when you work with us that quality comes at a fair price. And because we use an innovative modular system that allows panels to snap together in minutes and has key components pre-installed, your industrial cooler can go up quicker than you ever imagined. Plus, our extruded polystyrene insulation is thick enough to keep out climate extremes but repels water so it can’t be damaged if leaking occurs.

No matter your commercial refrigeration needs, we can create an industrial cooler that’s right for you, and every product we offer is manufactured in America so you can depend on its quality. That’s what makes us the industry leaders, and it’s why we can confidently claim to be the best in the business. If it’s time to get started with your project, it’s time to contact us at SRC Refrigeration now.