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Walk In Coolers -
Made In Michigan!

Walk-in coolers and walk in freezers of all types are the specialties of SRC Refrigeration. Walk-ins and related commercial refrigeration and freezers are an important part of many industries, and we can design and manufacture a custom walk-in cooler to fit your specific needs quickly and cost-effectively. Experts since 1980, we won’t let you down.

Since our units feature modular cam lock construction, expansion is easily accomplished by simply adding additional panels. Each prefabricated panel features metal skins on the inside and out, providing the highest level of durability and longevity possible. Floors are metal, too, and even sturdier than the walls. We also match doors and hinges to the walkin and provide appropriate seals for your application, making sure your specialized piece of equipments looks good and functions as it should.

Because we have access to a wide array of medium-temperature and low-temperature systems, we can design just the right refrigeration system for every indoor or outdoor application. And since every Walk In Cooler & Walk In Freezer we Manufacture also includes at least four inches of solid-core XPS insulation, you can be sure the energy you expend on cooling isn’t wasted.

We believe it’s the little details that make the difference, and that’s why we don’t cut corners when designing and manufacturing walk-in coolers and other commercial refrigerators for your business.

Make the smart choice when you choose a new walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer for your business. Contact us now and let us go to work creating and manufacturing a unit you’ll be proud to own — and we’ll be proud to stand behind.

Product Overview

Summary of Commercial Walk-In Cooler Refrigeration System:
  • UL approved condensing unit
    Note: Specify Use- indoor walk-in coolers or outdoor walk-in coolers
  • Matching low silhouette evaporator coil(s)
  • Refrigeration controls Included – Not Extra!

National Approvals:
UL-NSF Approved Walk-In Coolers
Smoke & Flame Spread listing as per ASTM84 testing

Summary of Walk-In Cooler Cabinet Features:
  • SRC Walk-In Coolers Feature PPC© Premium Panel Construction
  • Walk-In Coolers Offer 4″ thick insulation; Exceeds EISA energy standards
  • 8′ Standard Height
  • Floorless construction
  • Walk-In Coolers with White embossed galvanized metal inside & out
  • 35½”W x 78″H UL approved entrance doors
    Interior light prewired to exterior switch, exterior digital thermometer, self closing hinges, door closure, inside safety release and magnetic seal gasket
  • (2) Wall trim strips
SRC Walk-In Coolers Deliver EISA Compliance: All walk-in cooler panels manufactured by SRC Refrigeration are compliant with the Federal Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007 (public law110-140) Title III; section 312, regarding walk-in coolers and freezers. It is the customer’s responsibility to specify EISA compliant walk-in cooler equipment for vendor supplied items (refrigeration system components, electrical accessories, strip curtains, commercial walk-in cooler accessories, etc.)

Available Options

Cabinet Options:
  • Standard 8’ high, 10’ & 12’ high walk-in coolers available (Taller walk-in cooler heights are available, call for details)
  • Custom Height Walk-In Coolers
  • Modifications for: wood framed openings to accept glass display walk-in cooler doors, angles,
    offsets, interior posts, walk-in cooler has removable panels to access mechanical
  • Walk-In Cooler has Insulated reinforced floor
  • Walk-In Cooler features Non-skid strips that protect floors
  • Floor ramps; exterior & interior
  • Walk-In Floors with Metal Finishes: Standard White embossed galvanized
    Decorative: (10) painted colors, (2) wood grains and stainless steel walk-in cooler
    Diamond plate for walls, doors and floors
  • Outdoor membrane roof cap with perimeter hold-down trim
  • Door rain guard, weatherproof light switch and locking handle
  • Security locking bar (padlock by others)
  • Trim; wall trim strips, walk-in cooler enclosure panels
  • SRC Designed ceiling support system (allows multiple ceiling panels to be suspended to overhead building rafters)
Solid Door Walk-In Cooler:
  • Standard size Walk-In Coolers (up to 42” wide) can be ordered with door closure, extra hinges,
    diamond plate kick plate, vision window, or in-swing feature
  • Hinged available up to 6’ wide x 10’ high
  • Sliding available up to 10’wide x 10’ high; (manual & electric slide available)
Walk-In Coolers Have Energy Saving Doors:
  • Hanging strip curtains
  • High impact, dual swing doors by companies like Rubbair or World Doors
  • Additional incandescent vapor proof lights with globe (shipped loose)
  • 4’ and 8’ double bulb fluorescent light fixtures with shield & low temp ballast (less bulbs)
  • Walk-In Coolers With LED Lighting Are Available (Call for details)
Storage Shelving:
  • General all purpose utility shelving-Erecta Brite™
  • Walk-In Cooler/Freezer wire storage shelving-Metroseal™
  • Pro packaged self-contained drop-in medium & low temp refrigeration units from Heatcraft, Keeprite & Turbo Air – With the best warranties available included at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.
    Fully assembled walk-in coolers: Flush mounted coil and condensate evaporation pan (no drain line needed)
  • Custom applications
  • Walk-In Cooler can be fitted with Temperature Alarms and Monitoring Software – Ask your SRC Sales Rep
  • Refrigerant leak detectors for local codes

SRC Guarantee

SRC Refrigeration provides some of the best walk-in cooler warranties in the business, and where others charge extra for them, we include warranties on our walk-in coolers at no additional charge to our customers.

What does this mean? We believe in our walk-in coolers and commercial refrigeration products and stand behind them.

If you have any questions on our walk-in coolers, please give us a call and we’d be glad to help!

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