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At SRC Refrigeration, we work hard to manufacture a quality product using only the best materials, and do this in a timely manner to ensure we meet and exceed your deadlines. When customers need a box fast, especially one with custom dimensions, or panel layouts, they call SRC. And when a customer says they need something quick, we work with our Manufacturing and Logistics teams to ensure we can hit your deadlines, and provide you with the highest quality products in the end.

Over the last 36 years, we’ve continued to grow our business year after year, and along with that growth, we’ve added some high levels of talent in every area of our business to ensure we also maintain the highest levels of Customer Service, and provide great support on every product we sell.

From Walk-In Coolers to Walk-In Freezers, Beverage Coolers to Beer Caves, Warehouse Coolers to Keg Coolers, we do it all, we can make it custom, and we can do it fast while remaining accurate to your dimensions.

When you need custom panels fast, SRC is the ONLY choice in our industry. We won’t make you wait 4 weeks, we won’t charge you custom panel prices, and we won’t miss your deadlines.

SRC is also the only company that can take a line drawing of a custom cooler, and turn that into a custom quote, with pricing, and a CAD design in 4 hours or less. We have customers calling us daily that say they were kept waiting for days from other companies, and SRC was the only one to deliver, quickly, and error free.

When it comes to the products we use, we only use the best. DOW Extruded Polystyrene Insulation or XPS is our insulation of choice. Compared to Urethane, XPS is the Gold Standard of quality, and reliability. Where urethane continues to breakdown from the moment it’s cured, XPS maintains a constant R value for 50 years, guaranteed. Urethane can’t begin to touch those numbers. And when you look at your cooler as a tool to keep your products cold and protected, you need an insulation that will stand the test of time. XPS is the only insulation that can say that, and back it up with a written 50 year guarantee.

Moving on to the metal, most manufacturers use the cheapest and most readily available galvalume or acrylume metals. These metals quickly begin to change in the elements found within your kitchen, restaurant, or convenience store. In short order, your cooler metal begins to oxidize and rust leaving it open to bacteria, and failure.

SRC uses only the highest quality galvanized steel that is further protected with a cured epoxy finish. We stand behind each and every panel we manufacture, and using the best metals allows us to rest assured knowing your investment is safe for many years to come, no matter where you place it, indoors or outside.

Combine that with a Manufacturing facility that is located mere feet from our main offices that can easily manufacture, package and ship custom cooler panels in less than half the industry average of time.

SRC takes the extra step of test assembling each and EVERY cooler and freezer we sell. We make sure that each cam will lock, each panel fits, and every dimension is correct. This way, when the cooler arrives onsite, you can rest easy knowing it will go together flawlessly since it has already been assembled once before it was shipped.

Fast, custom cooler panels, using the best products, supported by a team that embodies the old fashioned customer service mentality, and you have a company that will work tirelessly to earn and keep your business. No matter the shape, design, or size, you can rely on SRC to manufacture the best custom walk-in panels around, and get them to you faster than anyone else. This is what makes SRC’s quick custom panel program different than the rest, and this is why you should call or email us your design right now.

Let us prove ourselves to you, on each and every job.

SRC Refrigeration Walk-In Coolers & Freezers, the best by far, the fastest lead times, and the best customer service and support.

We do it every day… Let us do it for you!

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