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Floral Display Coolers

At SRC Refrigeration, we’re proud to offer more choices in floral coolers than in just about anything else — because we know how important creating the right image is to companies that make beauty their business. No matter your need, we have a ready-made or custom solution to fill them.

Plug-In Units
Attractive and economical plug-in units are great for selling flowers in any kind of store. They’re the perfect choice for use in convenience stores, hospitals, grocery stores or mass-market retailers.

Long Door Units
With generous doors that show off the merchandise well, our long door units take up little space but make a big impact. Casters make these units easy to move for cleaning, and our new Surround Air plug-in refrigeration system keeps your stock in great condition.

Geometric Units
A more upscale look with angled sides and more glass, these units make seeing the goods easy from anywhere in the store. It’s a unique look — and something you won’t find in just any store. It could be just the upgrade you need.

Cold Storage Units
Not everything belongs on display, and these units allow you to keep your backstock in an economical storage cooler that’s out of sight of customers. Keep your deliveries in great condition this way, and order extra inventory so you can work ahead a few days.

Display And Storage Combos
Combining a display unit with some cold storage can save you money. A single compressor keeps everything cool, reducing noise, heat generation and more. When carefully placed, it does two jobs more effectively than two separate units.

Custom-Designed Units
But the choices don’t end there. Have whatever you want designed to your specifications. Just explain what you want to our attentive customer service representatives and we’ll create exactly what you need — for less than you ever thought possible.

Product Overview

Summary of Commercial Walk-In Cooler Refrigeration System:
  • UL approved condensing unit
    Note: Specify Use- indoor walk-in coolers or outdoor walk-in coolers
  • Matching low silhouette evaporator coil(s)
  • Refrigeration controls

National Approvals:
UL-NSF Approved Walk-In Coolers
Smoke & Flame Spread listing as per ASTM84 testing

Summary of Walk-In Cooler Cabinet Features:
  • SRC Walk-In Coolers Feature PPC© Premium Panel Construction
  • Walk-In Coolers Offer 4″ thick insulation; Exceeds EISA energy standards
  • 8′ Standard Height
  • Floorless construction
  • Walk-In Coolers with White embossed galvanized metal inside & out
  • 35½”W x 78″H UL approved entrance doors
    Interior light prewired to exterior switch, exterior digital thermometer, self closing hinges, door closure, inside safety release and magnetic seal gasket
  • (2) Wall trim strips
SRC Walk-In Coolers Deliver EISA Compliance: All walk-in cooler panels manufactured by SRC Refrigeration are compliant with the Federal Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007 (public law110-140) Title III; section 312, regarding walk-in coolers and freezers. It is the customer’s responsibility to specify EISA compliant walk-in cooler equipment for vendor supplied items (refrigeration system components, electrical accessories, strip curtains, commercial walk-in cooler accessories, etc.)

Combos Display / Storage

Combos save in many ways… Less costly than buying two separate units. One compressor cools both areas means less noise, heat and utility to operate. Install this model convenient to your design area and save steps and time in servicing customers.

Available indoor and outdoor use. Storage walk-ins are the “workhorse” for your business. Excellent for bulk storage, items awaiting delivery, funerals, parties, and banquet work. Allows you to work ahead and to even out your work week.


Display Coolers

SRC Refrigeration Offers some of the best floral coolers on the market today.

Design “exactly” what you’ve always wanted! Use unique shapes to create the merchandising look that sparks customer interest. Join the many others who have chosen SRC to bring their ideas to life.