Floral Coolers

  • Premium Panel Construction ™
  • Available in over 30 colors
  • Longer flower life
  • Embossed white epoxy finish
  • Walk-in, reach-in, or display glass doors
  • Designed to requirements
  • Engineered refrigeration systems
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Floral Coolers

At SRC Refrigeration, we’re proud to offer more choices in floral coolers than in just about anything else — because we know how important creating the right image is to companies that make beauty their business. No matter your need, we have a ready-made or custom solution to fill them.

Economic Plugin Units

Attractive and economical plug-in units are great for selling flowers in any kind of store. They’re the perfect choice for use in convenience stores, hospitals, grocery stores or mass-market retailers.

Long Door Units

With generous doors that show off the merchandise well, our long door units take up little space but make a big impact. Casters make these units easy to move for cleaning, and our new Surround Air plug-in refrigeration system keeps your stock in great condition.

Geometric Units

A more upscale look with angled sides and more glass, these units make seeing the goods easy from anywhere in the store. It’s a unique look — and something you won’t find in just any store. It could be just the upgrade you need.

Floral Display Units

SRC Refrigeration Offers some of the best floral coolers on the market today.

Floral Storage Units

Not everything belongs on display, and these units allow you to keep your backstock in an economical storage cooler that’s out of sight of customers. Keep your deliveries in great condition this way, and order extra inventory so you can work ahead a few days.

Display and Storage Combo Units

Combining a display unit with some cold storage can save you money. A single compressor keeps everything cool, reducing noise, heat generation and more. When carefully placed, it does two jobs more effectively than two separate units.

Custom Floral Units

But the choices don’t end there. Have whatever you want designed to your specifications. Just explain what you want to our attentive customer service representatives and we’ll create exactly what you need — for less than you ever thought possible.

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  • Premium Panel ConstructionTM  Cam lock tongue & groove
  • Full 4” insulation – no structural wood
  • Exceeds EISA Energy Standards from US Department of Energy
  • Embossed White Epoxy finish included (many other finishes available)
  • Full line of glass display doors and windows to show off your floral products
  • Great looking rugged walk in doors
        UL approved
        Prewired interior light Jbox and switch
        Exterior digital thermometer
        Self closing hinges
        Hydraulic door closure
        Inside safety release
        Magnetic seal gasket
        Chrome hardware & diamond kickplates
  • Designed to your exact dimensions
  • National Approvals:
        UL-NSF Approved Walk-In Coolers
        UL Safety Approved Door systems
        Smoke & Flame Spread listing as per ASTME84 testing
        Registered DOE compliant for EISA standards
  • Complete engineered refrigeration systems
  • Refrigeration systems are designed to work perfectly for your application
  • Many different designs available for condensing unit and evaporator choices
  • Latest technology is used for efficiency and precise control
  • All controls and refrigeration components are included
  • 5 year compressor and one year parts warranties included
  • Walk-In Coolers manufactured for your exact application for height, layout or custom angled shape
  • Net Openings can be provided for framed openings to accept glass display walk-in cooler doors, offsets, interior posts, walk-in cooler removable panels to access mechanical equipment or any other requirement
  • Walk-In Cooler Insulated reinforced floor systems with several finishes
  • Multiple reinforcement levels for your heavy duty floor applications
    Integrated internal or external ramps
  • Metal Finishes:   Epoxy White embossed galvanized is included
    Decorative: (32) colors available along with stainless steel and silver galvanized
    Diamond plate for walls, doors and floors
  • Outdoor membrane roof cap systems flat or sloped with perimeter hold-down trim
  • Door rain guard, weatherproof light switch and locking handle
  • Security locking bar Stainless Steel (padlock by others)
  • Trim; wall trim strips, walk-in cooler enclosure panels
  • SRC Designed ceiling support system (several different methods of support available)
  • 3-pane 4” thick view windows available in any size
  • Any size door available
  • Super door package with third hinge, 36” diamond plate in/out
  • Insulated 3 pane vision windows
  • Vinyl strip curtain systems
  • Air curtain systems
  • Sliding doors with manual or electric slide with remote control
  • Dual swing impact doors
  • Insulated roll up doors
  • Additional compact fluorescent vapor proof lights with globe (shipped loose)
  • Ceiling fixtures LED or Fluorescent lighting with layout designed to illuminate the cooler with 4’ or 8’ fixtures
  • Multiple tier heavy duty NSF approved epoxy coated shelving systems
  • Glass display shelving on display walls
  • Reinforcements integrated into panels for mounting other on site storage needs
  • Self contained package units for simple plug and play with no drain or piping requirements
  • Alarms, monitoring and control systems
  • Refrigerant Leak Detectors for local code compliance
  • Backup system design for critical applications
  • Explosion proof designs for storage of many class/div rating envelopes
  • Humidity level control for sensitive materials
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