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The Best Custom Walk-In Cooler For Sale in the United States

Property owners often encounter many problems, particularly when inadequate cooling equipment and systems fail to meet their unique needs. Issues can range from the underperformance of standard generic coolers to inefficient space utilization, leading to operational inefficiencies and increased costs.

SRC Refrigeration, a premier custom walk-in cooler manufacturer, is here to help you tackle these issues. We build custom walk-in coolers tailored to your specifications and optimized for efficient cooling and energy use. Each SRC cooler is engineered to fit seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, eliminating wasted floor space and maximizing operational efficiency.

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Walk In Refrigerators

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Walk-In Refrigerators Solutions

Buying a custom walk-in cooler from SRC Refrigeration offers numerous advantages that give you an edge in your business. Our coolers guarantee exceptional energy efficiency, ensuring you can keep your operating costs in check. With a wide range and selection of customizable options, you can easily modify your cooler according to your evolving business needs—expanding storage capacity or modifying the unit's layout.

In addition, our walk-in coolers and accessories are made using durable, high-quality materials designed to withstand the test of time. We pride ourselves on providing a hassle-free installation process, and our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you at any stage of your project.

Customized Coolers for Streamlined Cold Storage Management

SRC Refrigeration isn't just a cooler unit manufacturer; we are an experienced business partner nationwide. Whether you run a grocery store, gas station, restaurant, bar, or manufacturing facility, we understand your unique cold storage unit requirements.

Over the years, we have built and delivered custom freezers and coolers to industries as diverse as the country. Regardless of your niche or specific needs, SRC Refrigeration has the engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to create the perfect cooler or freezer solution for your business.

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Designing the Perfect Walk-In Coolers for Your Business

  • Premium Panel Construction™ Cam lock tongue & groove 
  • Full 4” insulation – no structural wood
  • Exceeds EISA Energy Standards from the US Department of Energy
  • UL approved:
    • Pre-wired interior light Jbox and switch
    • Exterior digital thermometer
    • Self-closing hinges
    • Hydraulic door closure
    • Inside safety release
    • Magnetic seal gasket
  • Embossed White Epoxy finish included (many other finishes available)
  • Great looking rugged walk-in doors
  • Chrome hardware & diamond kick plates
  • Designed to your exact dimensions
  • National Approvals:
    • UL-NSF Approved Walk-In Coolers
    • UL Safety Approved Door systems
    • Smoke & Flame Spread listing as per ASTME84 testing
    • Registered DOE compliant for EISA standards
Refrigeration Features
  • Complete engineered refrigeration systems
  • Refrigeration systems are designed to work perfectly for your application
  • Many different designs are available for condensing units and evaporator choices
  • The latest technology is used for efficiency and precise control
  • All controls and refrigeration components are included
  • 5 year compressor warranties included
Cabinet Features
  • Walk-in coolers manufactured for your exact application for height, layout, or custom-angled shape
  • Net Openings can be provided for framed openings to accept glass display walk-in cooler doors, offsets, interior posts, walk-in cooler removable panels to access mechanical equipment or any other requirement
  • Walk-In Cooler Insulated reinforced floor systems with several finishes
  • Multiple reinforcement levels for your heavy-duty floor applications
  • Integrated internal or external ramps for all walk-in coolers
  • Metal Finishes: Epoxy White embossed galvanized is included
    • Decorative: (32) colors available along with stainless steel and silver galvanized
    • Diamond plate for walls, doors, and floors
  • Outdoor membrane roof cap systems flat or sloped with perimeter hold-down trim
  • Door rain guard, weatherproof light switch, and locking handle
  • Security locking bar Stainless Steel (padlock by others)
  • Trim; wall trim strips, walk-in cooler enclosure panels
  • SRC Designed a ceiling support system (several different methods of support available)
  • 3-pane 4” thick view windows available in any size for walk-in coolers
Door Options
  • Any size door available
  • Super door package with the third hinge, 36” diamond plate in/out
  • Insulated 3-pane vision windows
  • Vinyl strip curtain systems
  • Air curtain systems
  • Sliding doors with manual or electric slide with remote control
  • Dual swing impact doors
  • Insulated roll-up doors
Lighting Options
  • Additional compact fluorescent vaporproof lights with globe (shipped loose)
  • Ceiling fixtures LED or Fluorescent lighting with a layout designed to illuminate the cooler with 4’ or 8’ fixtures
Shelving Options
  • Multiple tier heavy duty NSF approved epoxy coated shelving systems
  • Glass display shelving on display walls
  • Reinforcements integrated into panels for mounting other on-site storage needs
Refrigeration Options
  • Self-contained package units for simple plug-and-play with no drain or piping requirements
  • Alarms, monitoring, and control systems
  • Refrigerant Leak Detectors for local code compliance
  • Backup system design for critical applications
  • Explosion-proof designs for storage of many class/div rating envelopes
  • Humidity level control for sensitive materials
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Investing in a customized walk-in cooler can revolutionize how your business handles cold storage. Contact us today and let us help you design the perfect walk-in cooler tailored to your unique business needs.