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5 Preventative Maintenance Tips from the Walk-In Cooler Experts

Congratulations! You’ve made a terrific long-term investment in your walk-in cooler, freezer or combo unit. Now, regular preventative maintenance is the key to extending the life of your unit for years and years to come!

1. The condensing unit is the heart of your walk-in cooler.

It is an assembly that contains the compressor, condensing coil and condensing fan motor. These are all critical components to keep your unit running. The condensing unit may be located on top of your walk-in cooler, in a remote location or even underneath the unit, depending on your equipment. Once you locate the condensing unit, the actual cleaning process is fairly simple.

Once a month, shut the power off to the walk-in cooler condensing unit. You can now safely vacuum all of the dust and debris which may have accumulated. Reversing the air flow of a shop-vac or using compressed air to blow dust away tends to be more effective than vacuuming the walk in cooler alone.

2. About once a month, clean the inside and outside surfaces of your walk-in cooler using a mild detergent and water solution.

The interior of the cabinet can be sanitized with a mild solution of bleach and water during the monthly cleaning of the walk-in cooler.

3. There is an evaporator fan assembly inside your walk-in cooler that circulates the air and removes heat.

It also collects water and drains it away. This assembly should be cleaned and sanitized once a year.

To clean the evaporator fan assembly, you will again need to disconnect the power to the walk in cooler. Also, we recommend removing the drain pan to allow further access to all components (they are easier to clean this way).

4. Once a year, you will also want to clean and inspect the walk in cooler door seals.

The seals should be pliable and make a tight seal against the cabinet. If they should tear or become brittle with age, you might consider having them replaced.

The above tips for preventative maintenance for your walk in cooler can easily be done yourself. However, it is never a bad idea to have a professional service company complete this procedure–they will also be able to perform a preventative maintenance check-up, which we recommend annually.

5. Finally, our list tip involves the temperature controls for your walk in cooler.

Having to make ongoing adjustments to the temperature controls (or hearing sudden changes in the normal operating noise) of you walk in cooler is a sign that something is amiss and many require a technician’s assistance. Once the unit has been properly set up and put into service, further temperature adjustments should be unnecessary.

While it may be tempting to adjust the walk in cooler’s temperature controls to compensate for high use during the holidays and other peak seasons, trust us and don’t do it! Continually adjusting the temperature can easily lead to freeze-ups once the unit stabilizes.

If you have any questions about how to care for your walk in cooler, walk in freezer or other commercial refrigeration unit, please give us a call. With a little preventative maintenance TLC, your walk in cooler unit will operate exceptionally for years to come.

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