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Common Signs Of A Malfunctioning Walk-In Cooler

Walk-in coolers are an essential part of many different businesses. Unfortunately, a malfunction in these units can cause a lot of serious problems with your inventory. Here are some of the most common signs of breakdown in these units.

Ice Buildup

While ice in a walk-in cooler may seem natural, it is a sign of failure. Why? Refrigerators and freezers aren't supposed to cause ice buildup on the sides of the unit or the food. When ice is building up, there's a chance that the evaporator is failing, as this unit is designed to break apart ice buildups and keep the system running smoothly.

Bad Smells

If your walk-in cooler is malfunctioning, there's a chance that you will notice a variety of weird smells coming from the unit. These smells occur in a variety of ways. First of all, the coolant of the freezer may be old and starting to lose its effectiveness. Even worse, the food in the fridge may be rotting or getting destroyed by the elements. Bad smells from a walk-in cooler are never a good sign.

Rising Temperature

When the condenser coil of your system starts to fail, the cooler will heat up excessively. The temperature can't be controlled and increasing the cooling power may do little to help. In these cases, you are caught in a nasty cycle of increasing cooling power and potentially worsening the problem by causing the system to work even harder.

Weird Noises

Your walk-in cooler should run relatively smoothly with few noises. So if you hear rattles, squeaks, or shakes in your system, there is a problem. Typically, this is a sign of a mechanical malfunction that is likely to grow even worse over time. It needs to be fixed as soon as possible to avoid serious problems.

If you notice any of these problems with your walk-in coolers, call SRC Refrigeration right away to get help. They can identify the source of the problem with commercial coolers and manage it in an efficient manner.


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