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Preventative Maintenance Tips for Walk-in Refrigeration Systems

One of the last things you need in your commercial kitchen is for the walk-in refrigerator to break down because it hasn’t been maintained well. If you don’t have any extra refrigerated storage space to move the food into, it will go to waste and end up costing you a lot of money to replace the food and fix the walk-in refrigerator. Here are three maintenance tips to prevent this from happening to you.

Keep the Condensers Clear

On many walk-in refrigeration units, the condenser is located on the top of the refrigerator and some people use extra space on the top of the refrigerator to store paper cups, plates, and other things. The problem with storing things on top of the refrigerator is that it impedes air flow necessary to keep the condenser cool and this can cause it to overheat and break down. Do not store things near the condenser that will impede the air flow.

Regularly Clean the Condenser

Dust and debris will build up on the fins of the condenser over time. This dust and debris will also impede air flow and cause the condenser to overheat. You should inspect and clean the fins every couple of months (inspect and clean more often if dust and debris in the air is a problem at your site).

To clean the fins, use a soft bristled vacuum brush to suck off the loose dust and debris. If any of the debris is stuck on the fins, spray the fins down with warm soapy water in a spray bottle and use a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub it off. Then, wipe the fins clean with a rag.

Use a Maintenance Service

You should contract with a refrigeration service company to come in and inspect and clean your walk-in refrigeration system on a regular basis. The service technician will also test the equipment to detect any possible problems so they can be fixed before the refrigerator breaks down as well as keep it clean and free of dirt.

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