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Qualities To Look For When Purchasing A Commercial Cooler

Deciding what commercial cooler to purchase can be a big decision.  When you purchase a cooler you are undoubtedly looking for performance, longevity, and value.  The first step is to determine exactly what you are trying to achieve with your commercial cooler.  Size, power, and price will provide some basic groundwork to narrow your search.  Beyond those parameters though, what exactly should you be looking for?  Below, let's take a look at what qualities to consider when purchasing a commercial cooler.

1. Warranty

Each commercial cooler comes with its own unique warranty.  It is important to take a long look at the warranty that is provided with each model you might be considering.  Most commercial coolers are fixed by trained and licensed professionals, but it is important to note just how long your cooler will be covered.  Some coolers may be covered for up to three years.  Additionally, check to see if the warranty will cover both parts and labor required to repair  your cooler.

2. Condenser Location

The condenser is the part of your cooler that actually creates and maintains the cool air.  For a reach-in cooler you have the option of a top mount or a bottom mount condenser.  Top mount condensers typically do not collect as much dirt and wont blow hot air on to potentially opened cabinets.  Bottom mount condensers are typically easier to clean and maneuver around when loading the cooler.  Each has its benefits and it is important to decide which attributes work better with your needs.

3. Brand

There are many brands available for commercial coolers.  Just like cars, some brands have great reputations and are known to last a lifetime.  Other brands are better known for their value and cost efficiency.  Also, just like cars, each brand of commercial cooler has its own niche market. Of course, you should find a commercial cooler that works well with your needs, but it is also equally important to find a brand that you know and trust.  

If you're in need of commercial coolers for your business contact the commercial refrigerator manufacturer SRC Refrigeration today.

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