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Becoming a leader in the design, manufacturing and supplier of high-quality, standard and custom-modular insulated panels didn’t happen overnight. The ownership and staff at SRC Refrigeration are very proud of our reputation in the refrigeration industry, but we’ve all worked very hard since 1980 to get here.

The quality we invest into the design & manufacturing of every order, the time we devote to listening to our customers, and exceeding their expectations utilizing our highly-advanced manufacturing equipment and processes has earned us our reputation for value, dependability and style in all 50 states and more than 15 countries worldwide.

We're often asked, "What sets you apart? Why should I buy from you?"

The answer is simple: Pride in our product, integrity in our business, and giving value to our customers!


We take pride in every panel we produce. Every panel that rolls off our line is inspected to ensure a perfect finish and that it's ready for immediate installation once it arrives on-site. We’re also one of the few manufacturers that assemble EVERY single cooler or freezer that we sell before it ships to the customer. We do this to ensure exact dimensions and the highest quality on each and every order.


We are a team of people who care about our customers, and we mean what we say. Business & personal integrity are not something found in every company you deal with. We believe in it and made it part of our motto.

Our Value

We've worked very hard to create an efficient process and purchase our raw materials more effectively, and in the end we've made sure that these efficiencies translate into a complete packaged system that is an overall great value for our customers. Our competition may provide a short or optional warranty, but we include the best warranties at no additional charge. If you believe in your products, and work tirelessly to make them better than the rest, why not stand behind them? You shouldn't have to add or make a choice whether you want a warranty or not. It should be included and the company should stand behind it. We do that.


SRC Refrigeration has been around for over 40 years.

We've constantly upped our game to make sure our products will last the test of time and perform at 100% so our customers can rely on us. We work hard to EARN every order and we know that customers can make a choice between many different providers. 

If you need a walk-in cooler, walk-in freezer, beverage cooler, reach-in, or ANY style cooler/freezer, give us a call. You won't be disappointed. We guarantee it.

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