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  • Custom sizing - Any # of taps
  • Large front door access
  • 32 colors to choose from
  • Easy hook up, No costly connections

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How it Works - Growler 101

In order to appreciate a growler filling station, you must first understand what a growler is. A growler is a fast, foam-free filling container that preserves the integrity of craft beer, making it easily transportable.

What a Craft Beer Station Will Do for You

Filling growlers the standard way typically results in excessive foam, meaning you have to wait longer for the foam to settle to enjoy your brew. Motor City Growlers builds unique growler stations for a quicker, foam-free pour.

Motor City Growlers builds the easiest to clean, easiest to maintain, and long lasting filling stations currently in the market. Standard filling equipment does not deliver or retain the quality of the beer like our Motor City Growlers Craft Stations. Our craft beer stations deliver a growler of beer that retains the exact environment from the keg to the cup. When you fill growlers from our craft stations, you get a growler that retains its fresh beer taste for weeks instead of days.

How It Works

Craft stations store your kegs in a refrigerated unit in order to keep it chilled, allowing you to keep your beer for an extended period of time. Units come with a variety of options. For example, our "Craft Stations" utilize a pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) tank and coupler to draw the beer out of the refrigerated keg through a stainless steel beer tap - where it can be poured into your growler. Our product is the perfect solution for store owners to sell craft beer to their customers. These are also great in bars, breweries, party stores, convenience stores, festivals, or right in your very own man-cave. Your beer will come out fresh and delicious and poured to perfection.

Excellent beer deserves an excellent pour, so contact Motor City Growlers today!

Self Contained

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Motor City Growlers is excited to announce some new features we have added to our Craft Station:

  • Large Shroud Vent
  • Larger, heavy duty strap hinges
  • Magnetic Door Seals
  • Taller Growler Filling Areas that reduce splashing, decrease beer foaming and give you more options for larger growler jugs.
  • The Craft Station uses all stainless steel components to hold your microbrew in order to preserve the integrity and lifespan of the beer. Our customizable equipment is also built to hold a variety of keg sizes.

The Growlers Stations can hold half barrel kegs (full-size), quarter barrel kegs (half-size or pony) or sixth barrels (5 gallons) depending on your needs. The keg is contained within the keg cooler and kept between 33 and 38 degrees. The perfect temperature for that delicious fresh brew taste.

Don't your craft beer customers deserve the best pour possible? Contact Motor City Growlers for a customized Craft Station that delivers that fresh brewed flavor week after week.

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Customizable - Any Size Any Number of Taps

Product Features

  • Custom sizing - Any # of taps
  • Large front door access - Heavy Duty Hardware
  • 32 colors to choose from Perfect surface for vinyl wrap
  • Easy hook up, No costly connections
  • Designed to fit any style tap handle


  • Ready to install today
  • High margin product
  • Warranty & Customer service provided
  • Turn key business opportunity


  • Low daily cost to run
  • Best use of current floor space
  • Easy to clean and service
  • Easily increase sales and profit


What are you waiting for? If your customers are looking for ice cold growlers of craft beer full of flavor, not foam, contact us today! No other craft beer station can deliver the quality, ease of installation, or high margin product that Motor City Growlers can.

Tech Data

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No water or drain hook up needed. Our 7 gallon waste reservoir & stainless steel drip tray is easy to install – just plug it in and enjoy! Our top of the line tapping system Includes full cleaning kit and easy instructions.

Our easy to clean exterior that's tough and long-lasting includes CO2 tanks that can be custom fit to ANY size with 32+ colors available & the perfect surface for vinyl skins! The only limit is your imagination! Contact Motor City Growlers today.

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