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Efficient Temperature Control Solutions for Your Floral Business
Bloom Into Success with Our Custom Floral Coolers

Offering Custom-Built Floral Coolers for Flower Shops Across the USA

Extend Your Flowers' Lifespan and Maximize Your Display with Our Coolers

Every floral shop experiences a unique set of challenges. Flowers are delicate, and optimal freshness is crucial for profitability and customer satisfaction. The least variation in temperature can harm these ethereal beauties, leading to diminished quality and potential losses.

SRC Refrigeration understands these challenges. That's why we offer custom-built floral coolers tailored to the specific needs of floral businesses. Our systems are carefully designed with advanced temperature controls to provide the optimal environment for your flowers, ensuring freshness and prolonged shelf-life, turning your cooler into a profitable investment.

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Transform Your Floral Business with Our Custom Coolers

Our floral coolers are designed to provide numerous benefits. They offer seamless cooling, maintaining the precise temperature and humidity necessary for preserving the freshness and vitality of your flowers. Additionally, the quality construction of our coolers ensures energy efficiency, reducing your electricity costs while contributing to a greener, more sustainable environment.

Combo Display and Storage

The combo display and storage floral cooler epitomizes efficiency and space utilization. Designed for businesses looking to maximize floral arrangement display while ensuring optimal storage conditions, these coolers feature spacious display areas with separate compartments for storage. Combining an aesthetic appeal with functionality, they offer your customers a beautiful array of fresh flowers while safely storing additional inventory behind the scenes.

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Custom Floral Display Units

Our custom floral display units are designed to fulfill any specific needs you may have. Whether it's a cooler with particular measurements to fit your space perfectly or unique shelving to display your floral arrangements, we tailor-make the design to your exact requirements. The custom units boast the same high quality and thermal efficiency as our standard coolers, ensuring your flowers remain fresh while making your floral business stand out.

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Our Expertise in Manufacturing Floral Coolers

SRC Refrigeration has been at the forefront of floral cooler manufacturing for many years. We serve a variety of businesses across the United States, from small floral boutiques to large wholesale flower exporters. Over the years, we have acquired a deep understanding of the diverse cooling requirements of different types of flowers.

This rich experience allows us to deliver custom-designed coolers tailored to your flower business's unique needs. Our innovative cooling solutions, robust designs, and quick responsive service consistently exceed our customers' expectations.

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Your Business Deserves the Best in Walk in Coolers

When you choose SRC Refrigeration, you choose reliability, customizability, and state-of-the-art cooling solutions. It’s time to invest in a cooler system that suits your unique needs while delivering outstanding performance. Contact us today and let’s work together to enhance your cooling capabilities.